A downloadable game for Windows

Your majesty has organized the Bloody Flower Games. Collect as many roses as you can or steal them from your opponent's crates. You can attack and kill your opponents if necessary. The player with the most roses wins at the end of the round.

Gameplay Instructions

The game is best played with 4 players using game pads.

The main goal of the game is to fill your crate with roses.

  • In order to collect roses all you need to do is walk nearby them and your character will automatically collect them.
  • Roses will spawn from a gift box thrown by the Queen character.
  • You can also steal roses from other player's crates. This is also automatic, all you need to do is walk nearby an enemy crate that contains roses.
  • You can prevent other players from stealing your roses if you stand next to your crate. This action will block the stealing mechanic.
  • You are vunlerable to attacks except during a short period after respawning
  • Players are killed with one hit.
  • Players that clash swords will be knocked back and suffer no damage.
  • NOTE: Performing the Attack action will slightly launch the character forwards.


SquashyKnight_ForTheQueen.zip 34 MB
PostGameJamKeyboardSupportUnstable.zip 34 MB
Version 1 Feb 23, 2019


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Hi, can I play this with one keyboard with one friend on my keyboard as well? If not I will go out and buy a controller or something for this game because it is fun!

Currently you will need at least 1 extra controller to be able to play with friends. When I have some free time I will investigate adding support for multiple players with just 1 keyboard.
Thanks for your comment!

Thank you very much! The game is fun!

Hello! I've uploaded a new build named for-the-queen-windows.zip which has support for 4 players using the same keyboard. I haven't tested it with 4 players myself but at least with 2 players seems to work fine. Below are the keyboard controls for each player:


Move: W, A, S, D

Attack: C


Move: I, J, K, L

Attack: N


Move: Up arrow, Left arrow, Down arrow, Right arrow

Attack: Enter


Move: Numpad 8, Numpad 4, Numpad 5, Numpad 6

Attack: Numpad 0

Thank you so much!

Just wanted to mention that I renamed the downloadable file with keyboard support to PostGameJamKeyboardSupportUnstable.zip

There seems to be a bug in that version that after a match ends, the other players can't move their characters and therefore that's why it's "Unstable".

Cool little game  but there is no exit button only resume or restart

You are right, I completely forgot to add the exit button. I shall fix that in the next version :)

Thanks for your comment!

Game looks awesome mate! Only if it was available for Mac :( ,  34 Mb size for this !!!
Nice work on size optimization and Great ART

Thank you for the nice comment! I would have liked to make a build for Mac but my macbook is so old it doesn't run the engine anymore :(