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Ever wondered how games always seem to have their collectable items in stock and ready? Now you're about to find out!

Fufill the requests that come in to score points! 
Lario needs Coins!
Zolda needs Gems!
Sanic needs Rings!

In order to fufill the order, you will need to:
 - Kill an innocent Coin-Boy
 - Refine it at the appropriate station.
 - Once you have refined a coin-boy. You can plant the spare leftovers in the Coin Pen area to grow a tree that will create more coin-boys!
 - Clean and polish the refined Coin-Boy
 - Package it all up in the correct packaging
 - Deliver it through the correct portal so it reaches the correct game!

Move - WASD / Left Analog Stick
Action - Left Mouse Button / Gamepad Face Button Bottom
Grab - Right Mouse Button / Gamepad Face Button Right


TeamFlawsome_CoinFactory.zip 180 MB

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